LCM Marketing was founded in year 2002 in Malaysia, Johor Bahru.


The initial of [LCM] = Lim Choon Moi, is to commemorate the support & gratitude offered by founder's parents during the initial stage of starting this business.



[LCM] started with selling electric calculator and gradually develop the current business territory with school and office supplies


[LCM] will be emphasizing in creating brand value in " Life quality, easy, fasionable, healthy" and gradually establishing [LCM] as a famous brand image.

[LCM] is also stand for :

"L"    :  "Light Speed", we recognize the market is constantly changing, and we need to occupy the market with speed & reliability product
"C"    : "Competitive", the team will continue strive for competitive advantage within available resources supported

"M"  :  "Mobility", we understand the important of being flexible, in order conform to the market and win it over with structured policies


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